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Ascended Master Quan Yin

Goddess of Compassion &

Divine Creative Force

“Suffering is not necessary on this planet now, We need to activate & accelerate Creative Force Energies in our bodies in such a manner that it no longer becomes necessary to create disruption or disaster for ourselves or situations with others."

-- Quan Yin 


~ Quan Yin & Accelerated Creative Force ~

Goddess Quan Yin, Bodhisattva of compassion & mercy, over the last 14 yrs has been powerfully sending & “grounding” Accelerated Creative Force energies into our planets energy grids, preparing humanity for the Great Shift we are currently experiencing & New Earth - Ascension -

Because of this acceleration there is more “light” on our planet than ever before & we each carry more "light" within us than ever before.

Much has changed in our personal lives over the years, a lot of releasing, a lot of letting go of. Many of these transitions have been difficult & hard to understand. Know that as we vibrate in a much higher frequency of energy than ever before, Spirit guides us as we gently release what is no longer in harmony for us, for our highest good.


Through the Grace of Mother Quan Yin, to assist us during this time of personal Ascension, Powerful Healing, Enlightenment & Alignment - with - Creation is available to us now. 

Total release of disruption, trauma & disharmony occur when one chooses to receive these energies & align with them.

Quan Yin wants to empower all beings who are ready at this time. 

Empower your New Earth journey, awaken to new consciousness levels of higher dimensions & watch exciting possibilities in Accelerated Creative Force Connections unfold all around you! 

" It is an exciting time to enjoy yourselves, accelerate enjoyment in physical body & no longer push things into disruptionary creations. It is important to accept & accelerate Creative force within you,

work –with- Creation, be -in- Creation. As you do this, new possibilities

open in your reality. as you align with these energies, acceleration & manifestation occur in your life more & more. In allowing this Empowerment for yourself, you -gift- this powerful Creative Life Force to all humanity.”-- Quan Yin

As a Divinity Intensive Graduate of the Quan Yin Creation Center, New Mexico & Hawaii. I am a channel/physical grounding rod for Goddess Quan Yin's Accelerated Creative Force Energies. Since 2003 I have assisted in the opening & grounding of numerous Star gates, Portals & Vortexes in preparation for New Earth Ascension.

It is my deepest honor & purest intention to share Quan Yin's deeply healing & very powerful Creative Force energies with you


Quan Yin Ascension Energy Healing Sessions


Master Teachings of Goddess Quan Yin:

Awaken Divine Power of Creative Force Within

A 3 part Series

(for more info-see sessions/classes)

Ascension Healing

(817) 721-0901